Audiophiles, How Do You Mobile?



Codecs and compression methods have a come a long way in the past decade. There are a lot of file format options nowadays. The trick is the right device and the right support. At least for audiophiles.

Maybe you're old school and you have a vinyl turntable at home. Maybe you have a NAS that streams gigs and gigs FLACs (oh you nut, you!). Though others aren't as extreme and find AAC an acceptable option over MP3.

But when you leave the house, travel, drive your car etc what's your music listening set up? Do you have a dedicated device for listening? Or is your mobile listening, less discriminate? Maybe for practicality's sake you do it mainstream with an MP3 player or a smartphone.

Calling all audiophiles. What's your mobile set up? Device, software, preferred format, headgear (beats, bose etc)? P.S. If Pono is everything that Neil Young claims it to be, is that your next?

What Do I Do?
Personally, my home set up is more serious than my mobile one. I have a Sony linear turntable hooked into my Yamaha RX-V373 with 5.1 surround. I know it's lossy but I also have a Sony Minidisc deck because I still have mounds of old MDs. Any new music I own is AAC, MP3 and some FLACs on my laptop, which I AirPlay via Apple TV, to my Yamaha. Not the FLACs tho.

Mobile, well that's another story. I have an iPhone but I really can't stand iTunes for syncing. It's love/hate but it's like 30% love 70% hate. Since I'm afraid of Verizon's data caps, I never consider streaming anything more than a passive listening option while on data. Moreover my listening habits are very different on the go. I do a lot of driving and I'm on trains and planes a lot. So more than music I listen to a lot of podcasts. On top of that though I really get into old time radio, audiobooks and I even rip audio from movies and listen to them. I'm less concerned about audio quality and more concerned that between phone calls, emails and light browsing my phone doesn't really have the battery life to meet my demands. The best thing I can do to compensate this is meticulously turn off data when I'm not using it. That is, when charging is not an option. That being said, if a dedicated listening device is the way to go, I'd be interested in exploring the option of something with better quality. Maybe I'd start ripping my movie audio in FLAC or WAV.