Windows 8 is broken and Blue is too late

Latest criticism from Paul Thurrot about the current state of Windows 8. Blue might be too little too late and don't expect it to fill in all the gaps or bugs otherwise you will be sorely disappointed! I think Paul is spot on with this one MS need a wakeup call right now. Good time to jump ship onto the Apple ecosystem? me thinks so!


See, the thing is, Windows 8 is broken right now. It’s got a lot of built-in apps that don’t work properly, or well, and they’re connected to a lot of online services—especially the terrible Xbox entertainment services—that are in need of even more work.

...there’s been precious little movement on the Windows 8 front, and the embarrassing nature of those built-in apps is something that Microsoft can and should fix immediately and on an ongoing basis


Scheduled for a summer 2013 RTM and Q3/Q4 release...Windows fans now have all their hopes wrapped up in “Blue,” a set of “year one” updates to Windows 8 and related platforms that will supposedly right all the wrongs of the original releases.

I don’t want to rain on this well-intentioned parade, but I think it’s time for a little common sense. Blue will surely be an improvement. But don’t expect a panacea that fixes all of the problems with Microsoft latest platforms.