What do you all love Google Now for? [noob]

hello world, my first post here. so, I'm really wondering why lots of people likes Google Now so much. I've already read the Wikipedia article and I've got a vague idea of the app, but I still don't get it why people see it as Android's future and so on. I've never tried it, because 1) as I understand, it's for JB and I'm running ICS and 2) I know there's some build compatible with ICS, but I hardly ever use internet connection on my phone, what with high data price (and high prices for tiny data plans), not having an internet connection at place when I live when at uni and not having router at home. I don't see GN as something that I miss, but maybe someone'll convince me that I do need it? so far it looks to me like something a bit similar to Siri for iOS, and I've never understood Siri's purpose. maybe except showing off.