[HELP] Nexus 4 4.2.2 update woes

Hey Army, I've been a bit of an idiot.

My Nexus 4 ran full bone stock android 4.2.1 on the stock kernel and stock recovery. The only thing I had different was root.

So when I got the OTA for 4.2.2, I installed it, and of course lost root.

I used Mark Skippen's Toolkit to reroot it using the option for the 4.2.1 ROM as it hasn't been updated for 4.2.2.

After successfully rerooting, I've just realized that my phone's microphone and earpiece do not work during calls.

I've tested both the mic and earpiece individually and confirmed they are both fine. The issue lies within the phone app.

Has anyone run into this issue and does anyone perchance know how to fix it without resorting to a full wipe?