Nexus 4's Durability and Close Calls

When the Nexus 4 was first announced some were turned off by the fact of a glass front and back. Having glass on front and back was a big complaint for iPhones 4 and 4S. Though the glass is stronger and more resilient being Gorilla Glass 2, the fact is, its still glass and it can break.

I have had a Nexus 4 since the beginning of December. Since then, i have dropped it on 3 occasions. The first being at work on cement, i was putting it in my pocket and apparently missed it and instead dropped it at about a height of 3 feet. Luckily it did not take hardly any damage. the worst i found was some very minor micro-scratches only visible when looking for them under the right light on the front. The back went unscathed. The second time was at a friends house and it fell off a bed onto hard wood floor. This time i found no difference from before the fall and after. Phew... The third was tonight. I was using it as a flashlight and happened to accidentally knock the wall, and it fell from my hand, I'm guessing at around 3 to 4 feet. Once again, no new damage.

All three of these times, it has been naked, case-less and bumper-less. All three times i fear that i have cracked the front or back and was relieved to find it was okay. And each time i consider ordering the bumper so that i can have a little extra ease of mind, but i love how the phone looks and feels without a case and have always preferred as is.

I know Josh cracked his review unit during his review, though it was in the minor side. I know there are others who have suffered as well. What I want to know is, how are others fairing with their Nexus 4's? Have people been as lucky as me? Does having the glass front and back put you on edge? And for anyone, those of you who have just the screen, do you have any scary stories of close calls?

Lets turn these fears into some fun, tell it like a camp story. Give the setting and results.