Google 2013 road map Educated Speculation based upon rumors and facts

So there have been many rumors lately, and with me being a avid user of Google services and devices (nexus 4), i though i'd make a big post like this. Most are rumors and speculation with some facts.

1) Nexus 7.7

Well this isn't 100% likely to come out, if it does it might have a tegra 4 or a snapdragon or a S4 Pro, likely announced at Google IO,, it'll have smaller bezels and 1080p resolution, mayber the 7 inch one there

2) Nexus 5

I don't think it'll get announced at google IO since google doesn't want to overshadow the xphone, whenever it comes out i'm certain it will have this display and be made by lg, it might come in the fall as i cant see google announcing these many devices at once.

3) Xphone

Well i think it will come out in june and go against the iphone 5s or whatever they call it. It'll have the best specs atm and have key lime pie as well.,2817,2413528,00.asp

loo at the link below there's some info you might not have read before, from android central

Apparently this phone is called the "X Phone" or something along those lines and has buttons on the back of the phone. He said that a camera button is in the middle of the phone with volume up and down buttons on both sides of it all on the back face of the phone. He said it is supposed to be more ergonomic while holding the phone.

He also talked a lot about the phone having a ton of new voice command features and swiping gestures to accomplish tasks. He said the idea of this phone is to completely change the way we ergonomically have to interact with our phones. I.e. that it would take less than two seconds from the phone being in the pocket to using the camera. These features would be built on top of android as a stand alone proprietary suite app so that moto can be dedicated to updating to all new google updates in 3 months or less.

4) Nexus Chrome book

I think its real it might have this display and be made by lg, it might have a intel cpu or a tegra 4,20975.html and why i thin its real

So there's my post sorry i'm rookie, please forgive any spelling or grammar errors and sorry for all the links instead of qoutes.

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