Just picked up a refurb rMBP 13" from Apple - was it worth it?

Long story short, my long out of warranty MBA 11" (Mid-2011,128 GB SSD/4 GB RAM/i5 CPU) gave me a "Service Battery" message after an EFI update. I spoke/argued/begged/complained to Apple long enough that they took my old one back and gave me the 2012 MBA 11" free of charge. It's pretty much exactly the same as the 2011, but with USB 3.0 and a slightly faster CPU.

The same day this all happened, Apple dropped the Price on the 13" rMBP and released refurb ones for $1260 and $1370 (128 GB/256 GB). I hadn't opened my MBA yet, so I grabbed a rMBP for $1260 did an in-store pickup in NH (No sales tax - half hour drive). Threw the unopened brand new MBA on eBay and am expecting ~1100 (comes with extras + no sales tax) - maybe a grand after fees.

So basically when all is said an done, I'll have upgraded from a 2011 MBA to a 2012 rMBP for around $250-300. Was that worth it? I was perfectly happy with my 11" MBA and would have been with the replacement probably. Any rMBP users around to tell me if I made a good choice?

Keep in mind, the refurbs carry the same 1 year warranty and are usually just returns.