Revisiting Android, bought a Nexus 7... what are its KILLER exclusive apps?

Hey guys! So I've been an Android user from 2008 - 2012. Very experienced with Donut all the way through Gingerbread and have had ICS on my girlfriend's Sensation which wasn't too fun to use on her hardware. Unfortunately, my phone had no chance of getting anything more than GB, so I decided to make the switch to iOS when the iPhone 5 released, which I've really enjoyed.

Now that I've been hearing great things about Jellybean, I was eager to try out all the new things it had to offer. I also thought I'd be awesome having access to all the benefits that come with Android AND iOS.

So now, with the Nexus 7, I've spent some time looking for apps and was wondering what you guys could suggest for high-quality tablet optimized apps for it? I'm currently using the Tablified Market app to browse for stuff, but there isn't much besides multi-platform essentials that look too interesting so far.

I already have the non-exclusive must haves like Dropbox, Flipboard, Zite, Pocket, etc... but what about exclusive 3rd party titles?

So far, I love Splashtop GamePad THD. If there are any epic, well designed apps out there for things like Art, Graphic Design, Customization, etc... post them here! I've played most of the games already, so non-games would be preferred.