Should MS use the Snapdragon 800 instead of Tegra 4 in the Surface RT 2 !!

As we all know, the surface RT runs on Tegra 3. So it is natural to assume that the Surface 2 will run the Tegra 4. But as it is rumored that even the Snapdragon 600 beats the Tegra 4 in performance, the snapdragon 800 will probably have 2x performance of the Tegra 4. Probably the Surface RT 2 will be having 1080p screen like the pro, hence the added performance gains of Tegra 4 might be nullified and and the performance might still be lethargic like the current Surface RT. So should MS use snapdragon 800 instead of Tegra 4?? Even google has supposedly ditched tegra for snapdragon in the next gen nexus 7.