...and speculation of an iWatch continues



via images.theage.com.au

As they say; there's no smoke without fire - and there's a lot of smoke gathering. There's an abundance of speculative reporting but specific features, functions and likely sources are slowly but surely finding their way into these articles. I really like some of the idea's put forward in the source piece. "Wave and pay" on the wrist sounds like a no-brainer - i can imagine a whole bunch of Alec Guinness impersonations while paying, Jedi mind trick style. If Apple decide to pack NFC in the iWatch and not the iPhone it would certainly compel a lot of people to jump on board. I'm not saying it's right to screw us - but it would push some people to pick one up. It looks certain to be a companion device, not a stand alone phone replacing solution - what do you guys think? Voice control seems much more useful to me in a watch form factor. I've never really used Siri, mainly because once my phone is out of my pocket i can get what i want faster with a few swipes and taps. However, talking into my watch for those small information grabs or sms reply annotation negating the need to go to my pocket all the time makes much more sense.

Following the success of the Pebble a lot of people seem to be hungry for a watch companion. They're just waiting for someone to get it "right". Or someone to make something much more full featured. I'm talking seamless integration. Apple does this well I can also see this being a hit with businesses/people on the move too. Thoughts?

PS: That mock picture is sexy too.