Lumia 620 review

The Lumia 620 is Nokia's attempt to redefine affordability, trying to bring as many features as possible in a small package, and they did win this aspect, this is right now the best low end smartphone on the market.

For $250 you get almost the same user experience of the more expensive Lumia 920 but without all the pureview camera goodness, wireless charging and bigger screen. It has only 8gb of storage but you can add a micro SD card up to 64gb for music, pictures and videos. It plays nice with all of Nokia's NFC enabled accesories like the Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headphones, meaning that with just a tap the phone and headphones pair without having to press any buttons or any other hassle.

Even though the 620 has decently low specs, thanks to the lightness of Windows Phone 8, it isn't sluggish at all , I never felt like I was using a very low end phone. The OS has it's hiccups at times, while using it was mostly trouble free and even though WP8 needs some sand paper to get it rid of some minor bugs, the overall experience was easy and smooth, something you can't say about many other low end smartphones.


Dedicated Camera Button and Front facing camera: those are two features you don't normally see on budget phones.

Fast, fast, fast: The Lumia 620 is the fastest, smoothest entry level smartphone I have ever used, period.

it's Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dual-core processor clocked at 1 GHz runs like a charm, giving enough power to run games fluidly, ( check this game called Ilomilo LOVED IT )

Build quality: I can't recall how many times I actually dropped the phone, panicked, and then realized nothing happened to it, the shells are user replaceable and come in a wide range of colours including yellow, white, pink, blue, orange , GREEN!!!! or if you want to go more serious... black. The cyan matte shell feels premium, and unlike the glossy finish ones, the matte ones are not fingerprints magnets. The phone is light enough yet feels well built and resistant.

THAT SCREEN: If there's something that bothers me about low end phones its the lack of a proper screen, the Lumia 620 sports a 480 x 800 pixels, 3.8 inches at 246 ppi pixel density which performs beautifully and has accurate colour reproduction and is sharp and crisp, watching 720p youtube videos is great on the best youtube app on the platform ( Metrotube I'm looking at you) and shines bright enough for anyone to read under direct sunlight.


Battery life: The Lumia 620 runs on a 1300mAh battery that made it through a day of use but I wish it was larger, thankfully it is user replaceable which leaves us waiting for a future bigger one or 3rd party option like Mugen.

The App Gap: this is a tough one, I am not a heavy app user and yet I felt the lack of productivity apps in the marketplace, there's no faceboook made page manager ( which I really missed ), No Instagram, No Noom, and plenty of othe apps I currently use, however many apps can be easily replaced by good alternatives on the platform, specially Flipboard, which I thought couldn't be replaced had a great alternative called Weave, that isn't only a great RSS feed importer but has the ability to read all of your feeds aloud ( which is a great option to have while on the bus or running on the street ) There are many apps that feel half baked like Whatsapp, ugh, it is really really bad, it may randomly send or not send a file and the messages take a while to load...

Keyboard: I do not recommend this phone to anyone with big hands, since the keyboard is little and feels cramped on the 3.8 inch screen.

In conclusion the Lumia 620 is a winner, some OS updates will likely make it the perfect budget phone and hopefully major apps make its way to WP8 during this year.