The limitations of E-ink?

First of all, Hello! I'm new to the Verge forums in general, but I've never ever been in the book club before!

In the past I was never really excited about reading (Harry Potter, that's it), but since I'm now studying English I have to read a lot, and it's starting to grow on me! But reading in bed with a book is quite a pain, so I've been looking into purchasing an E-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite to be precise.

Now here's my question: I like to read comic books (manga mostly), as well as educational books which may contain graphs and other illustrations. Further more, I'm a drummer and I've recently bought a few books full of sheet music. Can any of these be viewed on a Paperwhite's E-ink display? If not then it might not be worth the purchase... Also, has anyone else ran into this issue? What did you settle with?

Any help is much appreciated.