Android to iOS

My experience with iOS first started back in 2010 with the purchase of the 4th Gen iPod Touch and I was very satisfied with it for two years. I never pushed it to it's full potential aside from jailbreaking and doing minimal things. I purchased an Android phone in 2012 and I have been very satisfied with it, a bit more than iOS. Now before anyone thinks I'm trying to start something or flame iOS, I'm not. My phone is damaged and I'll be switching to an iPhone soon and I just wanted to know what are the things I should first do with it. What apps do iPhone users always boast about having, what can jailbreaking really do, etc. I love the customization that's available on Android and while I do hate how closed and locked down iOS is, I've seen some very nice homescreens (especially on the iOS 6 homescreen thread) and I'd like to know how to achieve this? Thanks in advance.