Surface Pro... ultimate streaming device?

Hopefully anyone with a device can chime in or anyone really in the-know about the device but I've been really tempted to get a Surface Pro because it just might be the device I've been looking for this past couple years.

For myself, my use case is that when I am home, during down time I really like to stream content from my NAS (network attached storge) which is loaded chuck full of tons of content. The problem in the past has been that most tablets and smartphones have apps that you can download but then you have to have your desktop running a server client, so that the app on your device can get access to the NAS.

But now, enter the Surface Pro: Because the SP is running the full blown desktop version of Windows 8, technically this would give me direct access to my NAS over the network, as long as I map the drive to the tablet which would then no longer require my desktop to be on. Right?

Has anyone tried this out yet? Anyone have the same ambitions? This is my one burning question, that I am trying to find an answer to, that is holding me back from pulling the trigger on getting this device. Please help someone!