Nexus 4 battery life = BIG issue

Ever since I got my Nexus 4 when Google started fulfilling orders on January 29th, I have loved every aspect of it, including the excellent graphics card, quad core processor, and stock Android. One hing I haven't gotten resolved yet so far, though, is battery life. Nexus-4-vs-iphone-technodhuniah_9_medium

What I don't understand, though, is why Google and LG would release a device that would force users to charge it every other hour or two on moderate usage, And without the inclusion of a removable battery, things just get worse.

My battery in my Nexus 4 drained 11% after just playing ten minutes of a popular graphics-moderate game available on Google play called Subway Surfers. I realize that I am using the graphics card, but to drain that much on just that kind of game? I just don't understand it.


Coming from iOS on an iPhone 4, I expected fairly decent battery life, and even the reviews mentioned that the battery life was tolerable and fair, with some mentions of poor life. I think I read a thread on XDA claiming that the problem was down at the kernel level, with an mc_host value. I wonder if replacing the kernel/ flashing a battery -friendly ROM (or both) will improve the battery life, and that brings me to my final point.

I wanted to ask if anyone has found a way of improving the battery life found on the Nexus 4 with either a software tweak or some other interaction with the device. Or, if you expect that Google will fix this with a future iteration of Android (possibly Key Lime Pie?) I don't mean to also scare away any potential buyers of the Nexus 4, it's just that I want people to be aware of the known flaws of the device, and discover if others have found fixes for it.