Android 4.2.2 and battery life on the N4

Hello fellow droids!

So... Is it just my phone or is the latest Jelly-Bean-Update (4.2.2) a massive improvement when it comes to battery life on the N4?

I've just got the update on friday so I haven't got the chance to give it extensive testing but in those 3 days I've felt the battery life has almost doubled (at least that's how it feels!). Is anybody else experiencing this or am I falling for some crazy placebo-effect?

Battery life was the one hassle I had with the N4, I was always really close to a dead battery as soon as I got home- typically the thing would die on me after 12-13 hours of usage. Mind you, that didn't include massive gaming, just emails, texting, browsing and 1 or 2 calls. Basically, battery life sucked.

So today I went through a regular day, but having upgraded to 4.2.2. What I did

-same acitivites as above (About 1 hour of browsing, 20 Minutes of online radio, some whatsapp/text messages, random facebook-ing, some emails, about 30 minutes of Wordblitz)

-going through some areas with drastic connection changes regarding Wifi and cellular (those used to be real battery killers)

Well, long story short, right now I'm at 15hours 35minutes with 41% of battery remaining. Display runtime: 2 hours, 30 minutes.

How do you feel about this? Did 4.2.2 improve battery life on your devices as well?