Cracking the Elusive Word Processing Tablet UI

Hey, I wrote up a post on my blog detailing my thoughts and analysis on the market for Office-like tablet applications and how I believe a successful text editor can be implemented. As far as I'm concerned, text input/document creation on tablet devices has so far been a failure. This can be seen by how the current Office solutions are more-or-less desktop applications made to run on mobile tablets. I proposed multiple gesture-based solutions for one of the hardest UIs to create!

Here's a few screenshots to show what exactly I mean about a "gesture-based Word UI."

This is how the user could select the font color for selected text


This is my proposed menu system, but it's obviously difficult to understand based on one image. The gestures and the bar are all described in the post!

I hope you guys enjoy and have feedback on how to design this UI! :)