Android, Facebook and my Location.

Yesterday I opened the facebook app a couple of times, for a couple of minutes at a time. So I was very surprised to see, on checking battery usage, that the app accounted for 41% of my power usage that day!


What, exactly had Facebook been getting up to? The answer, as far as I can see, is monitoring my location using GPS for most of the day:


Now, I normally remember to turn GPS off after use, despite the hassle involved in going into the settings menu every time. Yesterday I forgot, and as a result the app seems to have creepily monitored my location for pretty much the whole day, slurping my battery in the process. Am I right about this, and has anyone else seen this sort of ridiculous behaviour?

In any case, I literally never want Facebook to have access to GPS. I don't go in for checking in to places, and I don't want to append my location to status updates. So I normally keep GPS completely turned off, except for when I need it for a particular task. This is a hassle though, because I use it fairly regularly for navigation and for tracking my running activity. For very good security reasons each occasion an app requires GPS I have to manually toggle it in settings. I then have to remember to toggle it off again when I'm done. Sometimes I forget.

When I saw the screen above, I thought "Location access" was going to let me granularly deny Facebook the use of my GPS antenna. But all it does is take you to the main Location Access android menu - so it's essentially just pointing out that turning GPS off completely will stop Facebook using it. Well, yes, obviously.

I think Google need to let me deny specific apps access to my location. Or at least stop them from polling GPS. What do you guys think?