How about Surface on 2 year contract with Office 365 and Xbox Music subscription

I remember the Engadget post which stated in no uncertain terms that the Surface RT will sell for 199$ which got everyone so excited and crazy( and then disappointed when the actual pricing was announced). Well what if it really can happen. Just like smartphones are sold on 2 year contract with subscription, so can Tablets right?

If Microsoft bundles Office 365 subscription(single device but should include outlook)+ Xbox Music pass and charges around 25-30$ a month, on a 2 year contract they can sell surface RT for 199$ and Surface Pro for 499$.

This offer they can extend to their OEM's as well. That way we will get to buy Windows RT/Atom tablets at price of Nexus 7 and Windows 8 Pro i3/i5 tablets at price of iPad. How does it sound ??

I really hope MS comes up with such an offer. It can really boost windows tablet sales to a huge extent.