iPhone 5 Survey

I thought this is a right time to do it because by this time a lot of you should have gotten an iPhone 5.

1. iPhone 5 features a larger 4 inch Retina display which provide best-in-class color accuracy and outdoor visibility, a custom-designed A6 chip which delivers about 2 times faster speed in everything you do, a 8MP iSight camera with dynamic low-light mode and enhanced 1080p video recording plus an improved front-facing camera, improved audio hardware with better speakers and an extra noise-cancelling mic on the back, and a much faster cellular connectivity with worldwide LTE support. iPhone 5 houses all these new hardware improvements in a even thinner and lighter design - a precision unibody enclosure that is made of aluminium and glass with an unprecedented level of fit and finish. Finally, despite having a larger display, faster chip and superfast LTE support in a thinner and lighter design, iPhone 5 lasts just as long on a single charge. All in all, iPhone 5 is an epitome of a modern smartphone that really shows Apple's intention to only change things for the better. iPhone 5 is the exemplary smartphone refined to the finest detail, like only Apple can and will.

2. iPhone 5 features classic and boring incremental hardware improvements in the almost same design as before. The display, while it has been improved over the previous model, is still a lot smaller than other high-end competing smartphones. The so-called "new" camera feature of iPhone 5, Panorama, has been available in many other smartphones before and the camera hardware is practically identical to iPhone 4S except for the at-last-HD-updated front-facing camera. While LTE is support is nice, it has also been available in other smartphones since a long time ago, making it nonsensical for Apple to market it as a flagship new feature of iPhone 5. Most horribly, iPhone 5 continues Apple's pointless tradition of making the thinnest devices in the world. As a result, iPhone 5 does not deliver any significantly better battery life, which has been the no.1 request on the wish lists of iPhone users all along. Overall, iPhone 5 does not offer any unique feature that other smartphones do not offer. Other than the lure and chains of Apple's ecosystem, iPhone 5 itself does give anyone any particular reason to choose Apple's iPhone 5 over other high-end devices like Galaxy S III. It's a clear sign that Apple has lost its magic. iPhone 5 is far from being the best smartphone in the market that it once was for a long time.

Which one do you go for?