Going back to the roots.

You have iOS. The a big sector in the walled garden (Apple) several enjoy themselves in, and invest in and have a great overall experience with devices and services that are both reliable and polished. And then, you have Open Source OSs, for the sake of this argument, Android. It gives users choice among a wide range of devices, where even varieties have varieties. It lets developers fiddle with the OS itself, and tweak it to precisely suit their needs, and share their work with everyday users. Customizability hath no greater epitome. And then you have the users themselves, with their choice of OSs. You have the multitudes using Android devices for their low prices and great features that come with great value for money machines, and you have another big chink of the population using iPhones, iPads, and the like. So what does this tell us about the respective choices of consumer products? Apple, of course, is the most valuable computer (both portable and non-portable) manufacturer in the world, but the overwhelming number of cheap and much lesser number of high-end Android devices is much greater than that of Apple's products. So, hinging on the assumption that among both OSs' users, an equal number of users are actually aware of their devices' capabilities and are happy/satisfied with their general operating, what exactly do we classify as "better"? Open source, or closed, or is there something to be looked at at a combination of the two of them? Or will there always be an unending competition in the market, and there will never be any such thing as "the ultimate device"? Also, I'm leaving out Windows Phone over here, as it's not yet gained a considerable amount of momentum. Leave your comments below!