Psychological Factors of Using a Smart Device #1: Pinch to Zoom vs. Double Tap

You have an iPhone. If your other hand (the one not holding the phone) is not available at the moment, you double tap (usually on a webpage) on it, and voila. It's either zoomed in and fit the column of text perfectly within the boundaries of the screen, or it's blown up a photo. I read somewhere that people actually prefer to pinch to zoom into a point on their smartphone rather than simply double tap to it. I don't find this weird, so much as interesting. I myself find it more satisfying to utilize my multitouch device to zoom into pics, rather than double tap the same (how boring). I'll try to think of and research the other common eccentricities (ok, if it's common, it isn't eccentric. But I couldn't find a more fitting word) of smartphone users in a while. What do you think about this trait? Leave your views below.