Surface RT + Desktop= Student computing paradise?

I'm a high school senior who cant wait to graduate and move on towards a degree in engineering starting this fall. I've been putting a lot of thought into what kind of computing solution would be best recently, with a few possible solutions.

  1. Powerful laptop with external display, enough peripherals to create a basic desktop experience that is portable. This seems like a good solution, but lacks the upgrade ability I would like to have. It would mean I could work more outside of the dorm but would also mean that I would basically be stuck with that level of power for four years, a very long time in the computing world. The school i'm going to has a lab for using the engineering software, so wouldn't really need a workstation class laptop.
  2. Surface RT, small custom built desktop, new xbox for gaming. This option would give me much more room for upgrades as well as more power on the desktop. The surface would be for making documents in Office on the go and would allow me to remote into the desktop should i ever need a little more power. I could take the surface home with me over breaks and still get some level of work done. The xbox would handle most of my gaming, I don't play that many games, so having a huge graphics card in the desktop would likely be a waste.
These are my two primary solutions, but I am open to input from other students/former students, especially engineering students. Thanks!