HTC One event discussion thread

Excited. The leaks makes this phone look good.

Hoping for advancement in camera technology and a long lasting battery.

10:22 It's called the HTC One. Aluminum Screen. Dual stereo speakers. Two Capacitive buttons.

10:25 New HTC Sense (no numbers anymore I guess). Blinkfeed. Content appears directly on your homescreen.

10:30 Something called BoomSound

10:35 HDR sound recording, new music player that can pull lyrics from the cloud, automatically adjusting the call volume in a noisy environment

10:37 Sense TV with IR blaster (which is integrated with power button)

10:40 Now about the camera: Switch between front and rear camera by simply swiping on the screen, Ultrapixel Camera, Ghostless HDR, HDR video, better low light performance, HTC Zoe - short video clips (like vine)

10:45 Design: Aluminum built, chamfers, dual microphones, micro drilled speaker holes, curved Gorilla Glass

10:48 AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. In March. No Verizon

10:50 32GB or 64GB, silver or black

Event has ended.