Sunrise app, and why we need to start focusing on apps now instead of phones

I love android and the way modern android apps are designed. However, having started a "hello world" android program yesterday, i realized it took me a lot more time to just set up my environment and that i prefer downloading the test to the phone instead of emulator as it sucks hard.

However, i think most of the android enthusiasts are too focused on the new phone coming out every month (so today is the HTC day i see), and there is no appreciation for software.

Now on to the apps:

I admit Haze is just another weather app, but mailbox on my coworker's iPhone looks just so great. Once they roll out an update with gmail label support, and add more email providers (both of which they have pledged on supporting), it will be a powerful email app with push support to boot. And it is not just the functionality only, the way it is designed to make emails look like a todo list is a fresher concept.

On android for ages we have had gmail only which recently got pinch to zoom. There is K9 and others, but extremely ugly and i feel as if i was sitting in front of my PC checking mail on the browser instead of a mobile optimized app. Ugh. How can no one come up with a fresher concept for such a basic and necessary task?

And then there is big developers like facebook who want to drain our battery because of their stupid background processes which are clunkier than what google suggests (GCM). Why not embrace the google way which is battery saving and also more elegant?

And then today comes out sunrise.

I must say, looking at the videos and the screenshots about how it functions, it makes using calendars much more interesting AND productive. Instead of showing a whole boring grid of month days on stock iPhone and almost all android calendars, it gives priority to the tasks, something i realized makes much more sense.

And i am sure there *might* be such a gem lurking in google play recently, but who knows? Why is google play still showing ugly, old apps from two years ago? Why aren't they dedicating their front pages for fresh concepts and apps not just from that big corporation next door, but small devs who usually end up making more gems than big AAA companies do in the mobile space?


- Google needs to fully revamp their development tools and make it less time consuming for developers to build great apps.

- It is time to stop worrying about cores and ROMs and start worrying about mobile optimized APPS. They are coming, but something is still worrying the devs despite android being so popular.

I cannot stand iOS, but the apps on it are always brilliant and every month i see something completely new, fresh on that front. I have a feeling apple could simply make iOS better in iOS 7 by not improving their stock apps anymore, because third party apps on almost every thing imaginable have it covered, but allow defaults. Allowing defaults and intents alone could make iOS so much better and would give it quite and edge over competition IMO.

It is time we leverage the great android platform to wow on the app front. Honestly, at this point, i am less interested in a GS4 or HTC One than a great app that can show me how i can do something much more efficiently and nicely on my mobile device and enjoy it while doing so, making it less of a chore.