Can anyone tell me why Verizon has to ruin every phone they touch and why they don't get great flagships?

On news of the new HTC One, which is simply a gorgeous piece of hardware, I can't help but to mope on how yet again another great looking phone gets released on every carrier other than Verizon. I know that VZW just got the DNA, but the black and red is kind of ugly, it looks like another black slab to sit alongside of every other black slab in Verizon's lineup, the list goes on. On top of it, I have to have this gigantic ugly branding of their logo on multiple parts of my phone. Seriously, what is the deal?

Take the Ativ Odyssey for example. The Ativ S is by all means a good looking phone. It had a thin, light design. And then Verizon grabs the name and releases....The Ativ Odyssey, a phone that looks like it would have fit in 3 years ago. Even the Lumia 822's look absolutely ridiculous and do not even compare to the 820 or the 920 that is released on AT&T. They look like bloated pieces of crap.

Is it because they have to have their phone modified a certain way because of their LTE radio or the fact they run off a different network than other carriers? You would think that a company that has the best network in the nation would have the best line of smartphones. I can't tell you how many times I thought of just sacrificing my coverage and joining AT&T simply because phones like the LG Optimus G, Sony Xperia Z, HTC OneX+, Lumia 920, etc., exist on it.

Also, I tweeted Verizon and they actually responded with the most sickening, generic response I have ever received.

Me: Why does your company pass on EVERY good smart phone and then release a modded, hideous version a few months later?

Them: We have some awesome smartphones available now at some great prices. What are you looking for in a smartphone? ^NB

Thanks, but no thanks, Verizon. Actually, go !@#!$% yourselves.