Best Car Stereo Option for smart phones (Android Nexus)

Here is the deal, I want a 2 DIN car stereo with touchscreen that works with my Android phone and will work with other phones too since the stereo better outlast my phone since I upgrade my phone to a new Nexus every year.

Ideally it would have built in am/fm so I can use it without using data from my phone but then also be able to mirror my phone display or have all the smartphone stuff baked in to use google nav, google music, make calls, etc on it.

I have looked at Parrot Asteroid Smart. Which looks like it could be really good when it comes out but does not mirror the phone and does not have GMS since it is not google approved yet. I also do not like that it does not have knobs. It is nice to have something to feel when you are driving so you do not have to take your eyes off the the roud. MSRP supposed to be $599

Ca-Fi Dashlinq looks interesting as well but there is not a ton of info on it and it is $699 or $999 depending on the model.

I have seen a number of units from China that seem interesting but its hard to know what you are getting there and I am sure that support will be tough to come by

Anyone have a really good solution out there or are you just using aux jack and or bluetooth to connect and not using a smart stereo? I know a lot of new cars come with smart radio set ups but it seems like there could be a real market for aftermarket android car radios that work well with out smartphones