What do you think of the HTC One?

Hey Everyone,

As you know the HTC One just got announced today. A beautiful phone indeed. Very sleek and stylish, love the aluminum unibody. I actually wish it was running windows phone 8 (Though I Love my 8x). I like it, and I wish the best for HTC, they make great phones and are still changing up their styles. The HTC One supports a 4.7 Full hd (468 ppi) display, a 1.7 ghz quad core snapdragon, 2 gb of ram, and 32 gb to 64 gb of storage, as well as a 4 mp "ultra pixel" with OIS camera. Very Nice specs to a nice looking phone.


via www.intomobile.com


via www.intomobile.com

But I don't know if it'll be that great of a seller. The galaxy s4 is gonna be announced in March. Also Next Monday Nokia is announcing their phones! wooo ( well hopefully they are.. they better). Which supposedly would be aluminum unibody lumia and possibly a legit Lumia pureview. And on top of that, the MWC is going to have a lot new phones and gadgets.

So my question is what do you think of the HTC One? Is it the One that can help out Htc? Would you like it better if it was running windows phone? Will it sell well? Let me know!

P.s if anyone is trying to learn more about the camera of the Htc One, preferably compared to the lumia 920 Wpcentral wrote a nice article outlining its specs.

P.s.s if anyone wants to see a sample video or pictures from the Htc One check out here on Mobile syrup

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