Mourning the One S

In light of Vlad's recent post, asking for a smaller sized Android phone, I had my hopes up for today's conference.

Let me explain.

Last year, HTC introduced us the One S. It was a slim and powerful device, with some crazy aluminum coating and a 4.3 inch screen.

It was almost what we wanted. But it had a fatal flaw: The screen.



When the One X gave us that amazing 720p display, that up until very recently was the benchmark in screen, with amazing color, density and viewing angles, it was tough to swallow the pentile in the One S.

As much as I wanted to love it, the screen is the most important part of the phone, it's your window to it, and I couldn't make do with that sub par screen, specially when compared to the big brother One X.

Time passed, the One S was forgotten, and HTC's DNA looked like it belonged to huge screens. But there was still one 4.3 hope: The 8X was a beautiful flagship device in a 720p 4.3 screen:



So, bringing us back to today, as all the leaks touted this 4.7 inch 1080p flagship phone, I was looking for something else. Something smaller.

If today's flagships phones are 1080p, then it is fairly reasonable to assume that 720p has slipped into midrange right? They had the screen, they had the shell, all they needed was to make it.

My hopes for a sequel to the One S being the smaller Android phone we yearn were high.

But the 19th came. And there was no One S. There was no One X. There was just the HTC One.



Oh well... So much for hoping.

I still have hope that in a low key event, maybe in the middle of MWC, out of the nowhere, HTC will give me the phone I want.

Maybe someone else will. Maybe the sequel to the Galaxy S3 Mini will be just that. A smaller version of the flagship device, and not a slap to our faces.

Until then, I'll wait. But damn, that HTC One really does look sexy.