iOS Default Apps

Hello everyone,

I've recently been reading a lot of articles and posts how people are not using their default apps on their iOS devices but rather replace them with another option. Some people even go as far as saying the apps are lousy. Now I've been testing out a lot of different apps on both on Android and on iOS for all kinds of different purposes and I have to say I'm perfectly happy on most of the apps I use that come pre installled on my iPad.

Especially what really is strange for me to read about it how many sites are recommending people to use Chrome without really giving any real reason for it. If one uses Chrome on their PC I can see the advantage. Personally I prefer Safari on both my Macbook and my iPad. Even on my android I use the default browser. I'd like to know what makes Chrome superior cause I must be missing something.

Other apps I use regularly are email which is perfectly fine for me, contacts which is very basic but functional, iMessages and Facetime which I also like. I do admit that the apps are not perfect but in some cases they are more convenient as they are truly integral part of the system unlike third party apps. What do you guys think? Do you use any of the default apps and what have you substituted with a superior alternative?