Nokia at MWC, how will Microsoft back them up?

I am a WP evangelist and user since an LG Quantum<Samsung Focus<Lumia 900<Lumia 920 and I have converted many friends and family members to a wide range of Nokia Lumia products. I watch WP Central and WM Power User everyday alongside The Verge. I keep an open mind to other platforms and I use a BlackBerry Playbook for a tablet (as it was cheap) and my wife and I are Windows 8 users at home. It was nice to see HTC setting the bar again for excellent displays today with One and I praise their BlinkFeed for it's usability and UltraPixel tech innovation and I look forward to the mobile industry pushing onward.

We all know that Nokia is expected to show some new hardware/features at MWC 2013, albeit unknown at the moment. We dream of a 42MP PureView sensor that finally combines raw detail into refined technological features, innovative screens and next-gen internals. I fully believe in Nokia's ability to deliver wonderful hardware and amazing applications to supplement it as well.

However, this leads to me the real point of this article, which is Microsoft's part in all this.

I'm basically talking about their effort on bringing new and up to par features to WP8.

I watched a Youtube video the other day showing BB10's ability to have 4 way video chat and it made me a little irritated. WP8 has the backbone to accomplish such a thing with Skype but WP8 is always second citizen.

IE10 is great in it's own regard but it's not fantastic like it should be. HTML5 compatibility is half-assed at best, they need to work on this and even implementing a small Flash plugin like Surface RT's IE10 browser would make a LOT of customers happy.

Notifications, separated volume, VPN, taking pictures in the middle of a video, the list goes on in what we're missing out on.

I guess in all this I'm saying that Microsoft really is doing this whole Windows Phone effort half-assed. The Portico update was a small patch, not even considered an update. The fact that Windows Phone as a whole can't be on par with iOS or Android means your platform is half-assed.

They keep promising apps that iOS and Android have and that was in October for god's sake. Don't even get me started on Instragram, you have no idea the power of that app for a lot of young people.

If they combined the Windows and Windows Phone divisions, they could have major update releases for WP every 3 months and to be honest, they should!

If you are entering the mobile market today, you need to have a compelling and functional base. There's no half-way of doing things. There needs to be more research on competing platforms and bring the best of those features to yours, THEN INNOVATE and sweeten the deal.

Microsoft, you're holding Nokia back from it's true potential and appeal. You need to work together more closely and hear their concerns. You need to take your Windows Phone suggestion forums more seriously than you are right now.

Am I the only person who feels like this? I try to convice myself day in and day out that things will get better but they're always playing catch up. They should be investing a LOT more time into the mobile space in conjuction with Windows 8 if they want to make any real footprint and products that people want to buy.

I know this is a whole article of whining but honestly I'm not happy. I love my Nokia Lumia 920 but I know it's being masked by the platforms unfinished abilities. This supposedly "major" update better be equal to Mango, and it better be shown off soon, as in MWC 2013. Nokia needs you just as much as you need them to push forward.

This is 2013 now Microsoft, get it going.