The perfect PC/Tablet/Hybrid

So guys I was thinking a little yesterday and it came to my thought that I really don’t need anything super powerful.

Recently I was looking at the Samsung Series 7 with the 8870 GPU and I thought for myself why I really want it and it simply was just because of the GPU but what’s the point with paying 2200$(I live in Sweden) when I happily could just buy a new pc with the specs I really do need and a new Xbox 720(for around a total of 1000-1500$).

So my question to you guys is that since I am going to start collage in 6months after taking two years off school, is the Surface Pro a good bet or should I go with a Transformer Book type of Ultrabook?

The only thing keeping me from buying a Surface Pro is that it has only a 128GB and 10.6 inch screen but on the other hand the Transformer Book does not have an active digitizer which means precision will be lost outside of note taking programs. I really don’t like screen bigger or smaller than 13-13.3 inch because for me that is the perfect size.

So should I bet on a Surface Pro styled PC or a Transformer Book type of PC?