iPhone 4, soon to run out of contract.

What keeps you sticking with iOS? I've got an iPhone for near my contract date on it and I also have an iPod 4th gen and an ipad 3rd gen. I don't plan on moving onto apples next offering right away, my date is in June and I'm going to keep my four for a little while longer, I would hate to get the next offering only to find the following one will be out six months from that. Granted, I know I everything is outdated the second you buy it but I'd like to know its going to be cream of the crop for awhile.

So what's keeping you to iOS? For me it's the ecosystem, the excellent app choices and the fact that I have invested a large amount of time on it. For awhile I was using my iPod and a phone before I got the phone which made me not really use the iPod much, my stepdaughter now uses it.

Would like some comments as to what's keeping everyone on ios.