Dear The Verge. You do not understand the HUB.

My opinion is that the Hub is a beautiful notification center that is better than anything iOS or Android have to offer and listening to your podcasts I have come to understand that you are missing the entire point of it. I do blame you completely by the way, yes the ads dont do a great job in portraying this but you guys are tech people who are suppose to do more than just the cosmetic skin deep stuff and this is not a hard feature to find, I found it within moments of using the device. So NO excuse.

So first off Peak is not the swipe up function, its part of it yes but its not Peak. Peak is using the gesture to go into Hub without fully committing to it. As long as you keep your finger on the screen you can always back out of it. It really flows quite well and since you can do it from anywhere I fail to see why you keep bashing it.

I think what you are doing is doing the gesture to go into the hub and committing to it all the way. That is wrong. Do the gesture but only go partway to "Peek" into the Hub, if you do not see something that is important to you just reverse the gesture.

Just try to experiment with that gesture a bit more before completely bashing the Hub.