Non sensical names, or why HTC is losing

The HTC One looks great. The hardware is beautiful, that screen is amazing, the 600 is super fast, and the skin, while annoying, probably won't be much worse than Touchwiz. But you know what? I said the same thing about the One X, and the Galaxy S III completely obliterated it. Now, everyone says it's marketing, ie how many ads they run, and to a certain point I agree. But it's also branding.

Today, in the One launch, they listed "Zoe," "Boomsound," "Blinkfeed," and "Ultrapixels" as features of the device. If you hadn't read the live blog, would you believe me if I said that?

Now, I'm not saying this is exclusively HTC's problem, or that Samsung is great at it. In fact, Samsung's rather bad as well. But they mainly just append S to the beginning of words, which may be annoying, ego centric and rather ridiculous, but at least makes sense. How am I supposed to know that Zoe refers to some camera software?

If you mean to jump in and say that HTC is branding their device the One and that's a much more elegant name then say the Droid RAZR Maxx HD, sure. But you know what? That name actually means something. Droid = Verizon Android phone. RAZR = thin, distant successor of the original RAZR, brings up positive connotations. HD = high definition screen. Maxx is a little more ambiguous, but it makes sense to me that having the maximum battery life they can engineer is the max of the device.

Or look at Apple. What are their devices called? iPhone. It's an Apple phone. iPad. It's an Apple tablet/pad. Macbook. It's a Mac notebook. What are the apps in iOS? Mail = email. Calendar = calendar. iTunes = Apple music service. Sure, there's some weird things like Safari for the web browser, but even that makes a certain amount of sense.

Meanwhile, HTC has Blinkfeed.