Telepathy in the Cloud.

We can already control ping pong balls and wheelchairs with our minds. As we continue to unlock the mysteries of the brain, I think we will invent the technology to capture our thoughts. As we understand how to interface wireless hardware with the brain, we will be able to transfer thoughts to each other through the cloud. It may sound like a leap but the advances in technology right now almost outpace our imaginations. Almost.

Everything will be controlled, synced, and stored in the cloud and will be controlled through thought services. Facebook, Google and Apple and maybe a few new startups will add thought services to their existing ecosystems. Microsoft and Blackberry will show up to the game eventually once everyone has done all the hard work, if Blackberry is still around. I'm sure Amazon will get into the thought storage game.

I wonder how living in the Facebook or Google ecosystem will effect your telepathic experience? Will I be able to share my thoughts with groups through a hangout on Google plus? Will tiered-data plans control how many thoughts I can transfer at what speed. I am assuming net neutrality will be a thing of the past and I will be able to share my thoughts more efficiently and more inexpensively with my fellow wireless carrier companions. I'm sure we'll be locked into contracts with our national wireless carriers.

I guess the process of implanting chips will be cost prohibitive and we won't see a large update in the wireless brain inplant procedure. However I am assuming the big tech giants will literally want our mind share and will solve that problem too. However, I don't think it will be Apple. It will probably be Google.

Will we receive thought advertisements? Could the courts subpoena our thoughts from the cloud companies and parse our minds. I like the idea of telepathy, It would be cool and it would change the world. I wonder if this is how we are supposed to evolve.

I would be interested in know what others think.