Wocket: unofficial Pocket client app for Windows 8

One program I really miss on my Windows 8 tablet is a Pocket app.

I use pocket constantly on my Note 2, specially for the ability to read later when offline (travelling a lot by plane..)

There are some other apps on the store offering similar service, like Read it later or Read it better, but they all fall short on some features. Also, I just like pocket implementation and was really missing it on Win 8 (modern UI apps at least)

If like me you were waiting, wait no more, Cvoya developer has released a Pocket client, called WOCKET, that nicely sync with your Pocket account and offer all the basic features you expect, like offline reading and sharing (through charm bar), plus some additional like managing the existing content.

You can find the app at the following link

Wocket-Windows Store

It isn't perfect yet. It's sometimes unstable and the charms sharing was broken for me at the first installation, but it's a very good start.