Want an early look at the Sony Xperia Z? In the UK?

I'd suggest you take a trip to your local Three store.

The one in the Highcross, Leicester, UK has already got a demo unit in.


via i110.photobucket.com

That screen cover is fresh from the box, my friend was handed the unit straight from it.
He said that there was a slight stutter to switching home screens and when using the camera but attributed it to being the first boot.

The physical hardware apparently felt really nice. One thing was mentioned that it was quite tall, he currently uses an iPhone 5, and to unlock the screen you have to drag your finger either completely to the top or the bottom of the display.
It felt light in the hand, was really thin too. The port covers are a nice touch, hard to remove without finger nails though.

Feels nicer than the Nexus 4 in hand because of the lack of the rubber around the edges. Overall really well made in terms of build quality.

The skin is mild compared with other devices. He's only really used stock Android devices.
I'm off two minds, I keep buying devices that aren't stock and then having buyer's remorse saying that I prefer stock. Personal preference.

Of note, I'll be having a look at it next Tuesday, so if there are any specific things you want to know please don't hesitate to ask here.

Yes, this is my next phone.