The Appleisation of Andy

Hi, I'm Andy and I'm an Appleoholic...

But seriously, the story of one man's slide down the slippery slope to Apple.

I have worked with Windows computers for somewhere in the region of 20 years. My first hobby computer ran 3.1, my first job involved setting up NT networks. I used Windows CE on an iPAQ, I bought Windows mobile phones (a carrier branded HTC Wizard, an HTC HD2. These days I work part time maintaining websites and writing the odd custom web or VB program.
I always regarded Apple stuff as being for a very specific arty or trendy set or people with more money than sense. I bought an iPod which worked OK but didn't really interest me.

Four years ago I inherited a bunch of websites that used Rapidweaver to maintain them. I was was going to rewrite them but in the end bought a cheap Macbook Pro and had it dual booting Windows XP and OSX to run Rapidweaver. I didn't use OSX for anything else and I eventually did change the websites so no longer needed it but I liked the hardware, particularly the trackpad.
My wife's special needs school uses iPads and iPod Touches with the kids and she likes them.

In 2010 I was due an upgrade on my phone so I initially tried an HD7 but I hated it and traded for an iPhone 4. Didn't much like it either so I gave it to my wife and kept using the HD2.
This year I put the beta of Windows 8 on my desktop (which is a home-brewed Core2Duo based thing). I wasn't impressed and reverted to 7.
I got the opportunity to get a Surface RT cheap through my sister who works in promotions in New York. You can read about my experience with it here but, suffice to say, I wasn't greatly impressed.
I decided to sell the RT and the old Macbook and buy an Ultrabook. I looked at all the ones available but the best combination of price, spec and quality was a Macbook AIr. I bought it and put on Windows 7 via Bootcamp.

The reason I'd even been in the Apple store was I was picking up the iPad mini I had ordered for my wife for her birthday. Some nights, if she was out, I found it easier to pick up her mini to browse, play a few games and stuff like that rather than get the Macbook. I became quite impressed with it but had my mind set on buying a "Surface X-Box 7" or whatever it will be called when it came out.
Next, it was upgrade on the phone time and, after a lot of hassle getting one, I got a Lumia 920. Initially I loved it but I suffered from some really annoying connection problems and eventually swapped it for an iPhone 5 which I gave to my wife and again reverted to the HD2

Christmas Time: Total surprise - my wife bought me an iPad mini! She said she was so fed up with me pinching hers that I should have one of my own. Initially I was a bit annoyed as she knew I was waiting for the Surface 7.

But then the fun started. I was doing the same couch surfing, watching videos, etc but started looking through some of the more serious apps available. Got Pages, DietCoda, ReaddleDocs, Dropbox. Started using it more for work and, as a result, started using some of the matching OSX apps (Coda is just a fabulous program!) and finding more, particularly web development programs

So I'm using the mini more and more out and about, The next thing I need is to tether it . Can't do it with the old HD2 so I borrow the iPhone 4 that my wife used to use (and was supposed to go on E-Bay) and put my SIM in it. Its simple, easy to use, to quote the cliché "it just works". I decided to keep it.
So, in the space of a few months I've gone from a full MS user to nearly all Apple. I'm even thinking of Hackintoshing the desktop.

I guess it's OK as, if you believe all the doomsayers here, Apple isn't trendy any more :)