Custom Roms - What's the consensus?

Since I got my Galaxy S3, I've been jumping from custom rom to custom rom in order to find the "best" one. I know this is kinda subjective, so I'll list what makes a good rom for me:

1 - Stability - That's the one feature I can't compromise. I need my phone working without bugs (and that also includes WiFi and Bluetooth).

2 - Performance - The great thing about custom roms, be it a new rom from scratch (AOKP) or based on Manufacturer's rom, is that they always have performance tweaks. They allow our phone to runs faster, drain less battery, have a better audio and many other features. So that's a huge thing too.

3 - Customization - That's less important than the two above, but it's still a big deal to be able to get rid off bloatware, run a custom Kernel, theme you phone and such.

4 - Active Development - Having frequent updates from the developer of the Rom/Kernel is awesome. For example, I'm sleeping better now knowing that my custom Rom/Kernel is already protected against the exynos exploit and the sudden death. That was only possible because the developers were quick to implement these fixes. Also, seeing new features being added is always good.

So, with these 4 things in mind, what would be the "best" custom rom out there?

I tried Android Revolution HD (with Perseus Kernel), SotMax (with Yank555 Kernel), Omega (also with Yank555 Kernel) and Wanamlite (default Kernel). I still have to test two popular custom roms: Paranoid Android and FoxHound. You can see that I'm staying away from CyanoGen10 and AOKP/AOKP based roms because, from what I've read about them, they are very unstable. Is that true?

The thing is.. for the four roms I've tested, I got very similar performance. I know Paranoid Android differs from these because it's the one with most customization options. And I couldn't see what makes FoxHound different from the ones I've tested.

So... what would be the rom out there? Is there one rom that has such a "special" thing that differentiates it from the rest? Is Cyanogen10/AOKP stable enough for everyday use? And are they better because they offer the "pure" Android experience?

I can only talk about Galaxy S3's roms, but feel free to talk about your experience with other phone as well.