Satisfied With My Device (Almost)

My Droid DNA.


I can honestly say, out of all the devices I have owned, it has been the single device that has completely made me feel as though I wasn't missing out on anything.



With the use of Nova Launcher Prime, I've been able to adjust my phone to have a mostly uniform look that suits my needs.






The only thing missing is stock Android.

This will soon be remedied with an unofficial Cyanogen10 ROM being worked on by some pretty amazing guys over at the XDA forums. With their hard work, I'll finally have a device that will carry me through the new year without longing anxiously for a new phone.

The hardware of the DNA is amazing. Feels comfortable in the hand despite the massive screen. Its quad core processor flies through animations and such. The screen is gorgeous.

Now I simply need the software to back it up...

Who else is satisfied with their device? Or at least...almost???