Need help building a new PC?

Hi everybody,

I have never built a PC before and i need help building one with these specs for under $700 CAD + TAX:

- Intel Core i5 - 3570k (or Core i3-3225 if too expensive)

- No GPU needed

- at least 8 GB of RAM

- 1TB hard drive (no need for SSD)

- at least 6 USB ports (at least one 3.0)

- 1 HDMI out (2 would be nice)

- DVI-D out (for monitor)

- WiFi (N would be nice)

- Bluetooth 4.0

- DVD R/W Drive (no Blu-Ray required)

I will also need:

- Monitor (1080p would be nice)

- Mouse (Bluetooth preferably, can be USB Bluetooth)

- Keyboard (Bluetooth not required, but would be nice)

- Budget Speakers

- Windows 7 (or Windows 8 if its a huge improvement)


How are these: - Efficient Build

- Cost Effective Build

If my specs are too high for my budget would this PC be a good deal?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Any help would be appreciated!

PS: I don't own any cases, power supplies, motherboards.....etc.