10 bucks Josh crushes the Surface Pro in his review - 6.0 or lower

Im gonna venture a guess that he could score it overall at a 6 or even less. It'll get a solid performance score of 8 or so, but all of the other criteria will get such low scores it'll bring it down.

I was quite indifferent about his 7.6 score for the RT because I was expecting him to be more excited about the UI and form factor, but was disappointed to see a mediocre score because of the ecosystem/appstore and performance problems. I wouldn't be surprised if he, and a lot of the tech blogs, dog the Pro to death due to the out of box memory issue, price, battery life, low res screen, nontraditional tablet form factor and chalk it up to a generally over-compromised product.

I felt like the Pro was going to be the savior to the Surface brand after the RT got so many negative reviews. I like my RT a lot and enjoy Windows 8 on all the platforms, any issues that have been discussed online have either not been a problem for me or fixed after the first few updates. But now, the Feb. 9th release is being rolled on a road of shitty press and it already isn't looking good.

I think if the Pro gets similar reviews as the RT, neither of them will see significant sales as first gen. products and we'll have pundits harping about another Zune just a few months after it's release. FML.