I need a new phone, suggestions please ?

I have had my samsung galaxy xcover for a year now and i love it, the only problem is it's broken, i sat on it and the screen smashed. It's still completely usable and works fine but there are a few reasons why i want a new phone.

1. it only runs gingerbread which is really slow compared to my nexus 7 and i like jelly bean a lot.

2. it has a tiny memory, less than a gig and i need to put my massive music library.

3. it's full of annoying bloatware

so these are just some of the reasons i want a new phone. I am looking for these features in a phone

1. jelly bean

2.large memory

3. preferably some physical buttons but not neccesary

4. runs smoothly

5. isn't too pricey.

6. isnt too big

7. doesnt break when i drop it the first time, or sit on it.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.