GeekTool Help

Hey all, there is something quite specific that I would like to do with GeekTool and I was hoping someone would be able to help me out.

Basically, I own a WP7 device and I love the way that the lockscreen changes to display a picture of the current artist and would love to emulate that on my desktop using GeekTool.

I know there is a way to display the album art on the desktop, but it appears to have broken on either Mountain Lion or iTunes 11, or maybe I am just doing it wrong. That is not exactly what I would like to do though, I am just thinking that maybe the method of achieving both would be similar.

Anyway, what I would love to do it set up an image part covering the whole of my desktop, behind every other layer, and I'm assuming that I would have to couple it with an AppleScript. I would set up a folder somewhere and have pictures of artists at the resolution of my background and name them aptly after the artist name. When the artist is playing in iTunes, then the image part of the GeekTool changes the picture to the file that has the name of the artist.

If this is at all possible, that would be incredible. If not, then oh well. Thank you :)