Here's an idea!

So I was passing through the Book Club section they're sporting over here, and saw that they hold this event where they choose a book that they then all read and discuss. Great concept!

And that's where my mind started tingling..

What if we hold a Verge Photo Club? (or whashawacallit). Here's my idea: Every month there's a theme (think action, landscape, or whatever we can think of) or a challenge (think using only auto mode and no post-proc or something like that) in which anyone can participate. At the end of the month we elect a winner, and then the new month starts!

In a forum post in the first week of the month, we discuss that month's theme. Once we've settled on what that theme will be, a new forum post will indicate that submission for that month is open! from that point anyone can post their pictures as a reply to that thread, in a similar way the weekly critique threads work. Discussion about the submitted pictures is not allowed here, as that might influence people's honest judging about the pictures. The final week of the month is reserved for voting(at that point submission will be closed). I'll make an online survey where we can all assign our top-three picks(pun not intended) of that month. At the beginning of the next month, last month's winner will be announced(or winners, maybe we should post the top-three?), and the cycle rebirths. If this lasts, it might be cool to make a photo album after a year or so, displaying every month's theme and winners(?)

I will be the one who manages this event, making the posts, surveys, storing the pictures, things like that.

So, what do you guys think? If there's enough interest we can start to talk logistics and what not, but I just wanted to lay out the idea here.

I'm by no means a veteran photographer. On the contrary; I'm just starting out! But I think this could be a nice way for people like me to get out there and shoot with a purpose. And for those of you who are already very skilled, and I've seen a lot of you around here, it could be something fresh to do!

I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions and ideas! This just drafted out of my head and if you have any feedback or additional ideas, don't hesitate to tell me.