Holy effing crap: Swiftkey 4!

It has just *destroyed* any other keyboard for me. I will not be able to use anything else from now (well, unless I absolutely have to or until something even more impressive comes along).

I just cannot believe Flow Through Space. Such a simple addition but it makes all the difference in the world between SK4 and the stock Android 4.2 keyboard/Swype.

It is also so much more accurate than the stock 4.2 keyboard and Swype - I just used it for a bit and it's like it's reading my mind. Unbelievable.

The only thing that bothers me a little is that it looks worse than the stock 4.2 keyboard in my opinion. I used the Holo theme and that made things much better but it still doesn't look as good as stock.

One small question/poll: do you still use touch typing instead of gesture typing if you have the choice? I'm really curious because gesture typing just seems so much more effortless to me and I'd like to see what other people think.