Engadget Awards 2012 - Best Smartphone

Engadget Awards 2012 results are out. And the Best Smartphone of 2012, according to popular vote, is the….. Nokia Lumia 920. What again??

First of all, that’s not a “butthurt” post because the S3 was not the best phone. But looking at the votes, I’m starting to think that there was some sort of campaign, rallying WP Fanboys (and maybe even MS employees) to vote.

Why is that? Just check the numbers. ALL categories almost have the same pattern, considering the total number of votes. The only category when something totally different happened was on the smartphone category (and, believe it or not, the Tablet category).

You may argue that “Smartphones” is the most popular category and, hence, it should have more votes than the others. Ok, that’s true. But how do you explain the Lumia winning with 13449 votes while the second (S3) and third place (iPhone 5) both only have 4808 and 4135, respectively. Something is not right here, even more considering the market share of these 3 devices in particular. Take a look:

Smartphone of 2012
Apple iPhone 5 4135 (13.4%)
Google Nexus 4 2795 (9.1%)
HTC 8X 789 (2.6%)
HTC Droid DNA 663 (2.2%)
HTC One X 1147 (3.7%)
HTC One X Plus 686 (2.2%)
LG Optimus G 195 (0.6%)
Nokia Lumia 920 13449 (43.7%)
Samsung Galaxy Note II 2103 (6.8%)
Samsung Galaxy S III 4808 (15.6%)

Don’t you suspect that the “WP Fanboys” army at online forums and probably MS employees were on campaign and took that poll like a war just to have the Lumia 920 and the Surface RT as the best Smartphone and Tablet? Popular perception (people on the streets using, word of mouth), tech reviews (including The Verge) and market share are saying something different than Engadget’s results. And even if the Lumia were to win, it should never win by that margin ( almost 3x the second place).

Are they just THAT desperate to What you guys think?