HTC One - hardware IS differentiation

As someone in the market for a new phone, it is so so so painful to see the HTC One announcement, with sense 5. Why don't manufacturers understand that hardware and industrial design ARE differentiation. This is not something that only comes from software.

You know what would have made me instantly buy this phone? It's beautiful design, amazing sounding screen, camera tech that I agree with (although I'll have to wait for review to know if they actually made it work), and inclusion of LTE. But with sense, I just can't buy it. I keep phones for 2 years, and HTC has shown no evidence it will independently support software updates for 2 years, and might not even be around in 2 years. If I could just rely on Google for android updates, it would be no brainier purchase. But I'll now probably have to settle with the worse design, worse screen, and no LTE of the Nexus 4.