Back to iOS [Updated]

Among many iOS wish lists, most seem to sort of focus on making iOS more like android. Which maybe a good thing for some I guess, but what if Apple were to focus on making iOS more like Mac OS. Just like they did the Back to the Mac event where they made it clear that going forward, they would bring some of the iOS features to the Mac. What if Apple were to do a Back to iOS strategy. What features of the Mac would you like on iOS?

Update: I have just thought of a great feature. Drag and drop. OS X has the best drag and drop support IMO. Spring loaded folders, or the fact that you can drag the open file icon to a folder and it moves the file. Or you can drag a file (or its proxy icon) to mail icon and it creates an email with the file attached.

I think iOS could be wonderful with drag and drop.

Drag and drop lists the way you drag and drop slides in Keynote iOS.

Drag and drop home screen organization (without the long press) also multiple icons at once like in Keynote iOS.

Drag and drop files outside the app into the multitasking tray to open the file in that app.